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In these XXX comics we will see Marge simpson porn or Lisa simpson porn. Have a unbelievable time taking part in sex video games the place adult Homer is thrown into some truly attention-grabbing sex situations. Simpsons porn take this one for example. Adult Homer’s automobile is hit by a stunningly lovely and nicely-proportioned, toon babe who invites him to her condo after which provides him hardcore sex instead of cold exhausting cash. But who can really blame grownup Homer, because we all already know that Adult Marge isn’t much better at staying trustworthy to him either.
In the primary scene we meet Marge (they don’t even bother with parody names on this one), played by an impressively dedicated Andy San Dimas. She has Marge’s snort on lock, works within the rasp, and never breaks character (predictably, Marge getting off sounds like Patty/Selma). Homer is filming her on a digital camera he borrowed from Flanders, which will get Marge so hot and bothered that she literally lets her hair down. Lee Roy has realized from his 30 Rock/Frank Rossitano-associated mistakes!
The gods of porn parody are truly smiling upon me. James Deen enters as Moe, and oh boy. James, you understand I love you like a porn star, but this Moe impression is…really, it’s not terrible. But it’s nearer to terrible than not terrible.
Well, as gratifying as a porn can possibly be when the sex scenes are narrated by Homer Simpson. Let’s just say there is a slight repurposing of his trademark drool. That’s why fans have created Simpsons Porn Comics in which they will make their sexual needs come true.
Moe asks to borrow the digital camera for a sizzling Flexible date.
I dunno, something in her delivery of the road "I bet you want to dive into this blue muff I actually have proper here" tipped me off. Just tremendous sensible instinct I guess.